The Commitment-less Millennial

By March 27, 2018Freelance

Space travel, solar-powered homes, self-driving cars, light speed wifi, and instant communications from every corner of the world – it’s easy to say the 21st century has brought us incredible change and innovation. Along with such technology, we are beginning to view life in a different light; one that is constantly connected, online, and unhitched from a single location. Our social media feeds are cluttered with ‘Travel around the world!’ ads and friends whom have taken just that action – thrown away commitment and began to embrace true sense of adventure and freedom. And, as you probably already know, I have chosen to do the same.

With the increasing amount of technology, millennials have an ever-growing urge to rid themselves of commitment. From making plans for this afternoon to committing to a college major or relationship; these decisions become more and more difficult as the realm of technology distracts us with the wonders we could be missing out on.

So what led me to my rash decision in leaving my sought-after corporate career, beautiful San Diego home, and close-by friends? Amongst many other things, for me it was the concept of being free; the freedom to travel, to take vacation time guilt-free, to manage my own workload, and quite frankly… do whatever I want (and sometimes suffer the consequences). I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ll admit, it’s a lifestyle only suited for certain types of people and, fortunately, I believe I am one of them.


Nothing about the transition has been easy yet the perks of being self-employed, remote-working, and relatively commitment-less are priceless. I no longer feel the need to rush appointments or errands during my lunch break, I don’t have to ask anyone for permission to take a vacation (save for my bank account), and I have the freedom to work from wherever I want so long as there’s wifi. I have regained my creativity I felt I was losing sitting behind a desk, given myself time to do the things I truly enjoy, and traveled internationally.

As I begin this journey, I want to give confidence to those who were in the same shoes as I was prior to taking on full-time freelancing. With no doubt, the decision to go ‘digital nomad’ was an emotional, difficult one. You can’t help but ask yourself ‘Is this the wrong decision? Will I try just to result in failure?’. If there’s anything to help rest these qualms, I believe it is reminding yourself of why you are considering the freelance life at all – and why your current situation isn’t fulfilling that.

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